Great Escape

Series: Christmas with Traders Point | Week 4: Growing Up

Read Matthew 2:13-23

1. What did Herod intend to do to Jesus?
2. Which two places did Joseph take his family based on warnings in dreams?
3. How did these travels fulfill prophecy?

From the very beginning of Jesus’ life, He was a polarizing figure. King Herod felt threatened by Him and responded with cruelty. Yet God had other plans. He protected Jesus and His parents by warning them in multiple dreams, and He provided financial means for them to escape Herod through the gifts the wise men had just brought.

Whatever circumstances we face in our own lives, this account can bring comfort. No matter how we’re threatened, no matter how many times things shift or bottom out, we can trust God. He is a protector and provider. And the young Messiah who polarized culture in Herod’s day came to rescue us from a life of sin and death today.

Have you put your trust in Him? Where have you struggled to turn to Him as your protector and provider? Acknowledge it in prayer, and invite Him to be Lord of every part of your life. Commit to obeying Him when He calls you out of your comfort zone, and live in the freedom He came for you to have.

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