Clear the Way

Series: Christmas with Traders Point | Week 4: Growing Up

Read Luke 3:1-18

1. What was John the Baptist’s primary message (verse 3)?
2. How did he challenge the people who came to him?
3. How did he point to Jesus?

More than 400 years had passed without a prophetic word from the Lord when John the Baptist began his ministry. People clamored for salvation and answers, but John knew his mission was to clear the way for the true Messiah, to prepare people’s hearts to receive Him. John’s words, “someone is coming soon who is greater than I am,” indicate a depth of humility and awareness of his key role in the mission of the gospel.

2,000 years later, we too are called to clear the way for people to know and receive Jesus. John’s example of humility and mission-mindedness lays the groundwork for us to follow. We aren’t the ones who can save or give all the answers, but we’re called to help people know the One who can.

Are you clearing the way for others to know and receive Jesus? What can you do today to introduce someone to Him? Surrender any tendency to take credit for yourself, and pray for opportunities to tell others about Jesus through your words and actions.

Want to go deeper? It can be overwhelming to know how to lead someone to Christ. Visit this link for a helpful roadmap.

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Christmas with Traders Point