Frantic Search

Series: Christmas with Traders Point | Week 4: Growing Up

Read Luke 2:41-52

1. What range of emotions did Jesus’ mother experience throughout this story?
2. What was Jesus doing in the Temple?
3. How did Jesus show His divinity in this account (see verses 47, 51, and 52 in particular)?

Jesus had grown to the age of 12 when He sent His parents on a frantic search. It’s highly likely that the religious teachers often talked about the coming of the Messiah, and little did they know He was in their very midst in the form of a young man. Jesus’ humanity was evident in His questions and growth. His divinity was evident in His depth of understanding and wisdom. When His parents found Him, they got a clear glimpse of who He was as the Son of God.

No matter our age, we have opportunities to learn and grow in our understanding of who Jesus is. If the very Messiah Himself prioritized this in His life, then so should we.

Do you regularly seek ways to learn and grow? How have you expanded your understanding of God recently, and how can you follow Jesus’ example to not only learn but obey? Ask God right now for a fresh desire to know Him more deeply, and commit to not only grow in understanding but to obey what He asks of you.

Want to go deeper? Visit this link for more on the Son of God at 12 years old and how His example can guide us today.

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Christmas with Traders Point