Goodness That Protects

Series: What the World Needs Now | Week 5: Goodness

Read John 10:11-16

1. According to these verses, what does a good shepherd do?
2. What does a not-so-good shepherd do (see verses 12-13)?
3. What do the sheep do in relation to the good shepherd?

Many of us have heard Jesus referred to as the Good Shepherd, but what does that type of goodness look like? In today’s passage, we see a clear contrast between a good shepherd and a not-so-good one. A good shepherd is motivated by love. He sacrifices, protects, and knows the sheep by name. A not-so-good shepherd is motivated by money. He abandons the flock and doesn’t care about the sheep’s wellbeing.

Regardless of who we are or where we are, Jesus invites us into His sheepfold. We can choose to live outside of His protection, or we can live under the care of a God who loves us enough to sacrifice His life for us.

Do you find it easy or hard to trust Jesus as the Good Shepherd? Are you holding onto anything that’s keeping you outside of His protective boundaries? Maybe a habit or situation that’s causing harm to your relationship with Him? Take some time now to confess what comes to mind. Thank God for His goodness, and commit to staying under the protection of His care.

Want to go deeper? Read Psalm 23 and note all the benefits of being under the care of the Good Shepherd. What do you sense Him asking you to do in response?

What the World Needs Now