Goodness That Meets Needs

Series: What the World Needs Now | Week 5: Goodness

Read Matthew 15:29-39

1. According to verse 32, what concerns did Jesus have for the people?
2. What did He do about those concerns?
3. How did He display His goodness throughout these verses?

Everywhere Jesus went, He not only cared for people; He acted with compassion to meet their needs. In these verses, He was surrounded by needy people yet again and He healed them all. His goodness extended beyond the sick, though. After three days, He noticed that everyone had lingered so long they’d run out of food. He saw the need and proceeded to meet it.

In our culture today, it’s easy to see needs all around us but find excuses to not meet them. We might be busy, tired, or feel inadequate, so we don’t bother trying. Jesus models a different way. He calls us to see the need, feel compassion, and then take action to meet it. Even if we can’t fix everything, we can be part of the solution and ultimately point someone to Jesus.

What typically holds you back from meeting the needs of others? What one thing could you do today to change that? Pray that God would open your eyes to the needs around you and show you how to help.

Want to go deeper? Check out this practical and biblical guide for serving others, including a quiz to discover your serving strengths.

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What the World Needs Now