Goodness That Is Genuine

Series: What the World Needs Now | Week 5: Goodness

Read Luke 6:43-45

1. According to this analogy, how is a tree identified?
2. How does this relate to good and evil?
3. What role does the heart have?

All week long, we’ve read about the goodness of Jesus. Today gets to the core of how we can model it in our own lives. Goodness doesn’t happen by forcing external behavior. It starts with our hearts. As long as we’re planting bad seeds in our hearts, genuine goodness can’t grow. Good fruit comes from being so connected to God that His words and His actions shape our behavior.

How would you describe your “tree” right now? Are you planted in God’s Word, or have you allowed distractions or other priorities to taint the soil of your heart? What do you need to change to connect more intentionally to God?

Spend some time doing that right now. Pray using the following prompts:
• Jesus, I confess that I’ve allowed _______ to take hold of my heart above you.
• I want your Word and your presence to shape me so that your goodness is on display for the world to see. Specifically, help me to _______.
• Thank you for loving me and producing your character within me. Amen.

Want to go deeper? Read these verses in Proverbs, and imagine them being spoken to you by God. What stands out to you as a next step?

What the World Needs Now