Formed for Relationship

Series: Significant Other | Week 1: Made 4 Connection

Read Genesis 2:18-20

1. What problem did God see after creating man?
2. What did He do next?
3. Why do you think He did this (see verse 20)?

“It is not good for man to be alone.” From the beginning, God designed us for connection. He’s a relational God who knows how connection works best and can help us sort through it when things go wrong. And yet, the first thing He did after making His declaration in Genesis 2:18 was surround the man with animals. While they brought companionship and purpose, they weren’t the ultimate companion God had in mind.

Where do you find yourself craving companionship? Are you struggling to find it where you hoped? The same God who had a plan in mind for the first man is with you today. Spend some time now reflecting on the relationships in your life and thanking God for them. Ask Him to give you discernment and to bring healthy relationships that can encourage you in your faith. Pray that He would help you to be that kind of companion to others.

Significant Other