Companions at Last

Series: Significant Other | Week 1: Made 4 Connection

Read Genesis 2:21-23

1. According to verses 21-22, what steps went into the creation of woman?
2. What was the man’s response?
3. What similarities and differences between man and woman did he express in his response?

The creation of woman was God’s idea. Man was all alone, but not anymore. His exclamation, “At last!” gives us a picture of the loneliness he felt up until that point. God saw His need for companionship, friendship, and a “significant other,” and He created the woman for intimacy and connection. This was a beautiful friendship before it was anything else, a mutual companionship created in God’s image.

Where do you find yourself craving connection? Are there any relationships in your life, whether a friendship or significant other, that you’re hoping will fulfill you? While we were made for connection with others, our relationships can never do for us what only God can. Spend some time now in prayer, confessing any relationships that you’ve made “ultimate” above God. Thank Him for His design for connection, and ask Him to help you appreciate and nurture the relationships He’s given you.

Significant Other