Chosen Friend

Series: Significant Other | Week 1: Made 4 Connection

Read John 15:15-17

1. According to verse 15, what is the difference between how slaves are treated versus friends?
2. What’s the result of being chosen and appointed? How should our actions change?
3. How do these verses reflect God’s love for us?

These three verses contain some of the most pivotal words from Jesus’s ministry on earth. Where other religions worship gods that demand to be chosen, Jesus turns the script upside down and says He chooses us. He demonstrated that choice when He created us in His image and then again when He died for us so we could live with Him for eternity. What an incredible God we serve, one who invites us to follow Him and produce lasting fruit. We do that by loving people in a way that reflects God’s heart and invites them to know Him.

Have you fully accepted Jesus as friend, or are you holding Him at a distance? Where in your life do you sense Him calling you to produce lasting fruit, to love others in a way that doesn’t make sense and draws them to know more of who Jesus is? Spend some time now in prayer. If you haven’t accepted Jesus as friend, do that now. Invite Him into every part of your life, and ask Him to produce lasting fruit in you. Find a friend or mentor to walk alongside you as you follow Him together. If you need someone to pray with you, let us know at

Significant Other