Here at Traders Point, we define a disciple as someone who follows Jesus, is being transformed by Jesus, and is committed to the mission of Jesus. One of our church's values is intentional discipleship. Everything we do as a church – from the weekend services to groups to serving here in our community and around the world – is an active part of our discipleship. And we believe that it’s through relationships that we can grow to be more like Jesus and experience a deeper form of discipleship.

The mission of groups is simple – to create environments where people can connect with each other and grow to be more like Jesus. Our group leaders are essential to accomplishing this mission! It's not a role we take lightly, and we want to make sure you are equipped for the journey.

Print the Group Leader Interview Sheet, and as you watch each video, write down your answers.

Group Leader Description and Expectations

1) Traders Point Values
2) Traders Point Beliefs

Starting Well

1) Annual Plan
2) Group Member Agreement
3) 5 Stages of Spiritual Maturity
4) Healthy Group Essentials

Leading Well

Continuing Well

1) Handling Group Issues


1) How Do I Identify My Apprentice?

group leader toolbox