Who do you delight in?

Series: Screen Time | Week 2: Power Down

Psalm 37:4
“Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desires.”

To delight in something means to gain a high degree of gratification or pleasure from it. Usually, when we delight in something, it means we’ve taken time to develop that relationship or gotten to know more about that thing in which we’re delighting. F.B. Meyer said, ‘we cannot delight thus without effort.’ This verse in the Psalms exhorts us to delight in the LORD. To put effort into that relationship. When we do that, our desires begin to align with His desires for us. He does the transforming work of changing our heart’s desires to His best for us and what a glorious place that is to be! 

What do you delight in? Pause for a moment to really think about it. Do you delight yourself too much in your screen or what it gives you access to? Do you delight in a certain habit or relationship that doesn’t help draw you closer to God? Chances are, whatever it is you delight in, you’re spending time, energy, and effort on it. Talk in your group this week about what it might look like for you to practically expend your time, energy, and efforts delighting in the Lord.

Screen Time