What’s Your Motivation?

Series: Significant Other | Week 4: Singleness, Dating, Divorce

Read 1 Corinthians 7:32-35

1. What are the different motivations that Paul lays out in these verses?
2. What does he encourage the Corinthians to focus on?
3. What is the ultimate goal?

All week we’ve been reading Paul’s “relationship rules” for single and married people. These verses get to the heart of motivation behind it all. Paul says that singleness is an opportunity to serve others and advance the kingdom, but there are important takeaways for the married person here too.

No matter our relationship status, we’re called to undivided devotion to the Lord. If we want healthy relationships, whether friendship, dating, or marriage, we have to be whole and complete in Jesus.

Is your identity grounded in Him first and foremost? Are you running after Jesus as hard and fast as you can? Are you letting Him shape you so you can bring your best to your relationships? Spend a few minutes with Him now. Thank Him for being the One who made you for a purpose, and ask Him to show you what needs to change so you can put Him first.

Want to go deeper? Read this article for seven ways you can put God first in your life.

*TPCC does not necessary endorse all “Want to go deeper” sources. They are simply meant to be a helpful tool.

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