Ultimate Test

Series: Father's Day 2022 | Week 1: Father's Day 2022

Read Genesis 22:1-18

1. What steps did Abraham take to follow God’s instructions?
2. What does this story reveal about Abraham’s faith?
3. What does it reveal about God?

If ever there were an ultimate test of faith, it would be the one Abraham faced in this passage. Without question, he responded to God, “Here I am,” and then he followed God’s instructions without wavering. His willingness to sacrifice his long-awaited son, a precious gift from the very God who now tested him, demonstrated a depth of faith rarely seen.

The ultimate question in this test was, “Who do you worship most?” Did he worship the gift, his son, or the Giver of the gift? Abraham passed the test by putting his faith in God alone. And God intervened to provide a ram in his son’s place.

Is there a person or thing in your life that you’ve placed above God? What would it look like to surrender completely to His will? Your step of obedience likely won’t be as dramatic as Abraham’s, but perhaps God is asking you to sacrifice a heart posture that’s ultimately robbing you of knowing Him more. Release it to Him now, and ask for eyes to worship Him over everything else.

Want to go deeper? Read these verses in Hebrews for a summary of Abraham’s legacy as recorded thousands of years later. What can you take away from his legacy and apply to your own life?

Father's Day 2022