The value system of a new community.

Series: The Gospel of Luke: Strengthened in Spirit | Week 1: A New Community

Read Luke 6:20-26

1. Compare and contrast Jesus’ value system (vv. 20-22) with the world’s (vv. 24-26).
2. Thinking of each condition in spiritual terms, what does it mean to be rich, prosperous, laughing, and praised?
3. What is the end game for each condition?

1. What is your own definition of the blessed life? The world gives us one value system – power, comfort, success, and recognition, but God’s kingdom is marked by humility, service, generosity, and love. Spend a few minutes with God, examining areas of your life that have possibly been swayed by the world’s value system and confess them.
2. What is one action step you feel God asking you to make today to begin living a life marked more by kingdom values and less by worldly ones? Maybe it’s something to do with how you spend your time, how you view a co-worker, or how to sacrificially give or serve someone. Ask Him and then take a step of obedience!

For Further Learning: Bible Project’s Overview of Luke 3-9

For Families with Kids at Home
Midweek is a great time to pause with your family and talk about the kingdom values that you want to strive for together. Try to have an intentional conversation around how you can bless others through those values.

The Gospel of Luke: Strengthened in Spirit