Seek first His kingdom.

Series: The Gospel of Luke: Strengthened in Spirit | Week 1: A New Community

Read Matthew 6:33 and 16:24-26

1. What promises does Jesus make in these verses?
2. How do these verses flip the world’s value system upside down?
3. Why would these teachings have been so important for the disciples to grasp before Jesus could send them out?

1. As you think through your day-to-day life, whose kingdom are you seeking to build? What do your actions say? What do you long for? Where is your identity? Jesus promises that God will give everything you need if you seek to build His kingdom first. Ask Him to help you let go of the things you’re longing for that don’t align with His kingdom.
2. Do you have a community around you that looks like the kingdom Jesus has been describing? One that will hold you accountable to living according to kingdom values as Jesus sends you into the world? Join a Traders Point group anytime by visiting us here!

For Families with Kids at Home
Today, pray that God would reveal the areas as a family that you need to let go of that are keeping you from seeking God’s kingdom first. Consider hanging Matthew 6:33 somewhere in your house, and making it a priority to seek God’s kingdom first.

The Gospel of Luke: Strengthened in Spirit