The promise of Jesus.

Series: Good News! | Week 6: Battlefield of the Mind

As we prepare, as a church, to begin a study through the book of Luke, we’ll spend this week gaining a foundation through chapters 1-3. As you read, enter in to the story. This Bible Project video will also help set the stage.

Read Luke 1:26-56 

1. The angel, Gabriel, shows up again with another message. Compare his message to Mary (verses 30-37) with his message to Zechariah (verses 13-17).
2. How does Mary’s response to Gabriel’s message (verses 34 and 38) differ from Zechariah’s response (verse 18)?
3. What kind of God does Mary believe in (verses 46-55)?

1. When is it difficult for you to hope in God? Tell God now the areas of your life that feel hopeless and ask Him to come into those areas. Hear His words, ‘Do not be afraid. Nothing is impossible with God.’
2. Mary’s song is full of Old Testament Scriptures that she probably would have studied and memorized for years. They are full of praise and adoration. Spend some time now simply praising God for who He is and all He has done for you. Use Mary’s prayer as a guide to help you.

For Further Reading: Comparing Mary and Zechariah’s Stories

For Families with Kids at Home
Pray that your family would be an example to your community of what it looks like to put your hope in Jesus.

Good News!