Expecting God's goodness.

Series: Good News! | Week 6: Battlefield of the Mind

As we prepare, as a church, to begin a study through the book of Luke, we’ll spend this week gaining a foundation through chapters 1-3. As you read, enter in to the story. This Bible Project video will also help set the stage.

Read Luke 1:1-25

1. What do verses 1-4 tell you about why, how, and to whom Luke wrote his account of the life of Jesus?
2. Luke’s account begins with the lives of a very ordinary couple. What do you learn about them in verses 5-10 and 23-25?
3. What news does Zechariah receive and how does he respond in verses 11-20?

1. Despite having followed God his whole life, Zechariah responds to the amazing news the angel brings him with unbelief and questioning. If you ever find yourself in a similar place – questioning God’s goodness or not expecting it, ask Him to increase your faith, giving you the ability to live in expectation of His goodness in your life.
2. Thank God that He has always used and continues to use ordinary, everyday people to accomplish His plans. He has a good plan and purpose for your life, too. Tell God now that you want to be available to Him, that you want to be open to His plans being accomplished in your life today.

For Further Reading: Zechariah Struck Silent

For Families with Kids at Home
Today, as you reflect on God's plan and purpose for your life, ask God to help you encourage the plan He has for your kids. Pray that God would use your kids to impact His Kingdom. 

Good News!