The Good News.

Series: Good News! | Week 1: How Good?

Over the next several weeks the Daily Bible Readings will take you verse by verse through the book of Philippians in more of a study guide format. Click on the link to read the Scripture or open your physical Bible to read along and answer the questions!

Philippians 1:6-8 
1. What is Paul certain of according to verse 6? What is this good work and who does it?
2. When will God’s work in us finally be complete?
3. How does Paul continue to display his love for this church?

1. Do you sometimes feel as though you aren’t growing in your spiritual life? If you’ve placed your faith in Jesus, God began a good work in you! How does the promise of verse 6 speak to your discouragement?
2. Do you long for and have a deep love for other believers? Spend some time asking God to help you love others with the tender compassion of Christ Jesus. Pray about one difficult relationship you have.

For Further Learning: Watch this Bible Project Video on the word Gospel or Good News, a word mentioned 10 times in this short book.

For Parents with Kids at Home: Paul writes to the church that he longs for them with the tender compassion of Jesus Christ. Today, pray that God would give you his tender compassion toward your kids.

Good News!