A model prayer to follow.

Series: Good News! | Week 1: How Good?

Over the next several weeks the Daily Bible Readings will take you verse by verse through the book of Philippians in more of a study guide format. Click on the link to read the Scripture or open your physical Bible to read along and answer the questions!

Philippians 1:9-11
1. Make a list of all the things Paul prays for the Philippians in these verses.
2. Why does he pray they will grow in knowledge and understanding?
3. What is the fruit of your salvation? Who produces this fruit and what is the result of it?

1. How can Paul’s prayer for the Philippians serve as an example for your prayer life for others? Pray these things now for yourself and others God brings to mind.
2. Pick one fruit of the Spirit today that you need more of and ask God to fill you with it for the sole purpose of bringing Him glory and praise.

For Further Reading: See these verses for more on how fruit is produced in our life.

For Families with Kids at Home: Today, pray verses 9-11 for your children—pray that they would grow in knowledge and understanding, that they would live pure and blameless lives, and that they’d be filled with the fruit of salvation—the righteous character produced in our lives by Jesus Christ.

Good News!