Stay Grounded in God

Series: Israel, Hamas and Jesus | Week 1: Israel, Hamas and Jesus

Read Ephesians 6:10-11 + 2 Timothy 1:7 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.


  1. What are we told to be strong in?
  2. What has God given us?
  3. What has He not given us?


The world we live in is full of turmoil and chaos. Any time we see a headline, anxiety and confusion can easily kick in. We might ask questions like, “What do major conflicts in the world mean, and how are we supposed to think and feel about them?” No matter the situation, we have to make sense of it by looking at what’s recorded in God’s Word. The text of the Bible is always relevant to the context of our world.

Today’s verses give us a foundation to stand on. In 2 Timothy 1:7, the Greek word for “fear” can indicate someone who runs from battle. As followers of Jesus, we’re encouraged to stand firm, to stay grounded in the power, love, and self-discipline that only God can give. We may be concerned, grieved, or moved to action, but we don’t run or become emotionally unstable. We stay grounded in God’s Word.

When you see what’s happening in the world, is your instinct to run or panic, or do you stand firm? What would it look like to stay grounded in God’s Word? How can you invite God’s power, love, and self-discipline into your life as you respond to the conflicts in this world?


Pray through these questions, and write down what God is prompting you to do next. Share with a friend, and take a step to apply it.

Israel, Hamas and Jesus