Respond and Be Ready

Series: The Foreigners | Week 4: How to Make a Difference

Read 1 Peter 3:13-17

1. What or who are we told to worship, and how?
2. What are we told to always be ready to do, and how are we to do it?
3. Why are we told to do these things?

Peter’s readers lived in the crosshairs of the Roman empire and were constantly despised, slandered, and persecuted. Instead of worrying or fearing threats, they were told to respond in worship. Instead of lashing out, they were told to be ready to share their story of hope. These two defining qualities would show their oppressors who God really is.

While our culture looks different than Peter’s, we still face opposition as followers of Jesus today. When we respond in worship, we’re crying out to God as a response for all He’s done and what He will do. When we share our story of hope, we’re not twisting someone’s arm. We’re sharing what God has done for us with gentleness and respect. These two actions can make a tangible difference.

How do you usually respond to worry, fear, or threats? How can you prepare today to respond in worship and be ready to share your story with someone else? Pray right now, asking God to keep your eyes on Him and for opportunities to share how He has changed your life.

Want to go deeper? Read Psalm 146, and let it turn your focus on God and all He’s done for you. Write down any words or phrases that reflect part of your personal story of hope, and pray about who you could share it with this week.

The Foreigners