Never Give Up

Series: The Foreigners | Week 4: How to Make a Difference

Read 1 Peter 4:12-19

1. What responses are we told to have in the face of suffering?
2. Why are we told to respond in this way?
3. What attributes of God are named or implied in these verses?

Earlier this week we saw Peter’s instruction to be ready to suffer and endure. Today his language changes. He encourages his persecuted readers to not just endure, but to face suffering with gladness, joy, and gratitude. This outlook is the key to never giving up.

In our own lives, we might be tempted to lose heart, but Peter’s words are meant to encourage us too. Instead of focusing on suffering, we can be glad we get to partner with Jesus. Instead of dwelling on hardships, we can anticipate the joy of heaven. Instead of focusing on insults, we can thank God for the privilege of being His child. He created us and has a plan for us. That’s why we never give up.

What’s your usual outlook on suffering? Do you focus on hardship, or do you focus on Jesus, letting Him remind you of all the reasons to be joyful and grateful? Turn over anything weighing you down, and let God fill you with grit to stay the course and joy to live life with the end in mind.

Want to go deeper? Read Hebrews 4:14-16, and let these verses remind you why you can approach suffering with joy and gratitude. How does this truth change your outlook today?

The Foreigners