Pray, Love, and Give

Series: The Foreigners | Week 4: How to Make a Difference

Read 1 Peter 4:7-11

1. How many action words do you see in these verses? Underline them in your Bible or write them in a list.
2. How are we told to use our gifts?
3. Why are we told to do all these things?

In the midst of outlining defining qualities of Christians, Peter reminds his readers that this world won’t last forever. Therefore, they’re encouraged to be earnest in prayer, quick to love, and cheerfully generous with their possessions and spiritual gifts. Why? For the good of others and the glory of God.

All of these actions can be contrary to human nature. Earnest prayer means being disciplined and relying on God instead of ourselves. Loving others means sacrificing our desires for the sake of another. Giving of our possessions and spiritual gifts means being open-handed and losing some of our own comfort in the process. Yet all of these actions can make an incredible difference and bring glory to God.

Of the actions listed in today’s verses, which is hardest for you? Do you willingly give of yourself in prayer, love, time, and possessions? Take a few minutes to do an honest assessment of each one. Confess to God where you’ve struggled, and ask Him to show you a next step to surrender to Him in that area.

Want to go deeper? Take this spiritual gifts assessment, or revisit your results if you’ve already taken it. (Note that you may be asked to log in first.) What stands out to you from your results? What is one new way you can use your gifts for the kingdom that you aren’t currently doing?

The Foreigners