Submitting to Authority

Series: The Foreigners | Week 3: Foreign Request

Read 1 Peter 2:13-17

1. Why were Peter’s readers encouraged to submit to human authority (verse 13)?
2. How does living this way impact other people (verses 15-17)?
3. What are we supposed to use our freedom for?

Just like us, the readers of 1 Peter lived in a world that wasn’t their ultimate destination. They were on their way to a different one. Therefore, they were encouraged to submit to authority and remain faithful in the face of injustice. Why were they told to submit? Because it honors God.

So often submission feels unnatural. But biblical submission comes from a willing spirit and magnifies our impact. We’re called to submit by choice and with a joyful attitude, living our lives for an “audience of One.” The freedom God has given us isn’t meant to be used in destructive ways. Rather, it’s to be used in ways that show respect to others.

How easy is it for you to submit to human authority? Is there any pride or defensiveness keeping you from biblical submission? Confess any strongholds to God right now, acknowledging that He is the ultimate authority over your life. Ask Him to shift your perspective and response as you follow others.

Want to go deeper? Read today’s verses in the Message paraphrase. What stands out to you, and how is God asking you to respond?

The Foreigners