New Nature

Series: Christmas with Traders Point | Week 5: All Things New

Read Ephesians 4:21-24 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.

1. What are we told to throw off, and why?
2. What are we supposed to put on in its place?
3. Why are we told to do these things?

Jesus came to bring new life, which happens only because of God’s work in our hearts. There’s also a newness that results from our obedience. God does the redeeming work, but we have to make a conscious choice to be renewed each day – to let Jesus change our nature as we live for Him.

This requires “throwing off” our old selves and “putting on” the new. It requires replacing our former way of thinking and behaving with new thoughts, attitudes, and actions. It means soaking in God’s Word and letting His Holy Spirit transform the way we live.

How much have your thoughts, attitudes, and actions changed as a result of knowing God? Is there an area where you’re still holding on to your old nature? What would it look like to throw it off and replace it with a new pattern that’s fueled by the Holy Spirit? As you reflect, turn over anything that comes to mind, and ask God to show you a tangible step you can take to live in full obedience to Him.

Want to go deeper? Read Ephesians 4:25-32 for a continuation of today’s passage. What specifically are we urged to “throw off,” and what are we urged to “put on”? Of all the things mentioned in these verses, which one convicts you most? What is a next step you can take in response?

Christmas with Traders Point