Love your enemy.

Series: The Gospel of Luke: Strengthened in Spirit | Week 2: A Limitless Love

Read Luke 6:35-36

1. Besides being rewarded, why else does Jesus say we are to love our enemies?
2. How did God set the ultimate example for us in loving enemies?
3. How much compassion, love, and mercy are we to show everyone?

Do you find you often get amnesia when opportunities arise to extend mercy and compassion to others? We could all admit a resounding “yes!” What’s the remedy? Ask God to help you not forget. Ask Him to daily remind you of the grace you’ve been given as one who once lived as His enemy. You will more freely extend grace to others when you realize the depth of the grace you’ve received.

For Further Reading: This prayer as one unthankful and imperfect

For Families with Kids at Home
Today, lead your family in what it looks like to show mercy and compassion. The next time you handle a conflict with your kids take time to show them the same grace that we have been shown by Jesus.

The Gospel of Luke: Strengthened in Spirit