A life controlled by the Spirit.

Series: The Gospel of Luke: Strengthened in Spirit | Week 2: A Limitless Love

Read Luke 6:32-36

1. What three rhetorical questions does Jesus ask to emphasize the difference between the world and His followers?
2. Why is Jesus challenging His followers to such an extreme, almost impossible level of love?
3. What is the payoff for those who live this way?

The kind of love Jesus demands from His followers isn’t natural. It’s supernatural. You can’t love like this without the power of God because it’s contrary to your nature. The good news is, if you’re a follower of Jesus, the Holy Spirit lives in you, giving you power to live this way! Through practice and prayer, you can begin to live a life more controlled by the Spirit and less controlled by sin. Ask for God’s continued work to help you live the life of love He desires.

For Further Reading: These verses from Galatians

For Families with Kids at Home
Read Luke 6:32-36 as a family and talk to your kids about how we are called to love others as followers of Jesus. Share your own experience of how the Holy Spirit has given you strength to love someone that you viewed as an enemy.

The Gospel of Luke: Strengthened in Spirit