Knowing Your Worth

Series: Among Lions | Week 8: God, We Need You

Read Daniel 9:20-23

1. Who came to be with Daniel while he was praying?
2. What did he come to do?
3. What words did he use to describe how Daniel was viewed by God?

Daniel was in the midst of deep confession when the angel Gabriel came to remind him of his worth in God’s eyes. Daniel was very precious to God, or as some Bible translations say, greatly loved and treasured by God. After everything Daniel had been through – kidnapping, betrayal, and threats – God’s love for him hadn’t changed.

God views us the same way. In His eyes, we’re precious, greatly loved, and treasured. We might equate His love for us with life’s ease. But just like for Daniel, that isn’t the case. In the midst of challenges, God loves us deeply and wants to hear from us. When we know we’re greatly loved, we won’t have to remind ourselves to pray. It becomes the thing we desire.

Do you know how much you’re loved by God? How does His love for you change your approach to prayer? Spend some time with Him now, letting Him remind you of your worth. Thank Him for loving you in every season, and ask Him to fill you with a desire for Him over everything else.

Want to go deeper? Read the following verses about how God views you, and reflect on them during your prayer time today: Psalm 139:13-18 | Matthew 10:29-31 | Ephesians 2:10.

Among Lions