Captive Rescue

Series: Among Lions | Week 8: God, We Need You

Read Daniel 9:24-27

1. What time periods are mentioned in these verses?
2. What are Daniel’s people called to do (verse 24)?
3. How is “the end” described in verses 26-27?

After Daniel pleaded for forgiveness for his people, the angel Gabriel told him that God’s plan of restoration would take place over “seventy sets of seven.” The timeframe and messages in these verses are complex to navigate, even for Bible scholars. But rather than trying to crack a mysterious code, we can focus on the simple truths they point to. The Bible was never meant to be decoded but to reveal a Savior.

The Anointed One, or Messiah, was rejected and killed, all so we can be rescued from captivity right now. Our captivity may look like depression, uncontrollable anger, paralyzing fear, addiction, or relational conflict. Whatever it is, God’s rescue, redemption, and restoration eclipses it.

Take a few minutes to reflect on your own life. What is holding you captive right now? Perhaps a conflict, fear, addiction, or mindset? Look to Jesus as the Savior He is. Thank Him for coming to rescue, redeem, and restore, and ask Him to show you a next step to walk in the freedom He gives you.

Want to go deeper? As we wrap up this series on Daniel, reflect on what God has said to you throughout the series, whether through the weekend messages or Daily Bible Reading. What are your 2-3 biggest takeaways? If helpful, look back through the weekend messages in the series, and rewatch one that you’d like to go deeper on.

Among Lions