Honest Prayer

Series: Among Lions | Week 8: God, We Need You

Read Daniel 9:4-10

1. What attributes of God does Daniel mention in these verses?
2. What specific things does Daniel confess?
3. Who does he confess on behalf of (verses 7-8)?

Nearly 70 years before this prayer, Daniel’s people went into exile because their hearts had hardened. Now Daniel discovers that their exile will end soon. His confession shows a powerful comparison between who God is and who Daniel’s people are. God is awesome, loving, merciful, and forgiving. Daniel’s people are rebellious, stubborn, and covered with shame. Daniel’s honest and humble prayer lays the groundwork for being made right with God.

Just like Daniel, we can come to God honestly, knowing that He loves us. When we acknowledge who God is in light of who we are, our hearts are positioned to receive His mercy. No sin is outside the bounds of His grace. He wants us to return to Him and let Him heal us.

Is there an area you’ve been holding back from God? Or maybe a decision that has put a wedge in your relationship with Him? Let Daniel’s prayer be a model for you right now. Acknowledge who God is, and then confess where you’ve fallen short. Thank Him for offering forgiveness and restoring you to Himself.

Want to go deeper? Read Psalm 106 to see another instance of repentance on behalf of Israel. Note the history of God’s faithfulness versus his people’s lack of faithfulness. What stands out to you about God’s mercy in the end?

Among Lions