Good News

Series: Love and War | Week 1: The Best News Ever

Read 1 John 1:8-10 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.

1. What’s the result of claiming to have no sin?
2. What does this say about our view of and relationship with God?
3. What does confession bring?

Yesterday we looked at 1 John 1:8 and the false claims we so easily believe about sin. Today we see the good news of the gospel and the way it takes root in our hearts. We aren’t “mistakers” in need of a life coach. We’re sinners in need of a Savior. To deny this truth is to deny the grace God offers.

It’s hard to imagine a God that’s so good, but as we see in verse 9, He is faithful (never wavering) and just (will always do what’s right) to forgive us. He doesn’t beat us up over our sin. He washes away the stench of it and cleanses us by the fragrance of Christ.

What’s required of us is surrender. Not once, but continually. Not a part of ourselves, but all of ourselves. It starts with the daily prayer, “Lord, I’m a sinner. I need your forgiveness always, and I ask for it now.” Conviction and repentance are a gift, and they usher in the good news that Jesus came for us to experience. Let’s step into the light and stay there.

• As you’ve walked through Daily Bible Reading this week, what has God repeatedly brought to mind as an area to confess?
• Is there an area where you’re willfully and defiantly continuing to sin, justifying sinful behavior as not that bad, or hiding your sin?
• Do you truly believe God’s grace could cover you? Who is a trusted source you could talk with to help you work through your doubts?

Pray through these questions, and write down what God is prompting you to do next. Share with a friend, and take a step to apply it.

Love and War