Perfect Advocate

Series: Love and War | Week 2: Marching Orders

Read 1 John 2:1-2 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.

1. What does John say is his purpose for writing?
2. How does he follow this statement with reassurance?
3. Who is our advocate, and how is he described?

At the start of this week’s chapter, John makes it clear that no one is perfect. He doesn’t leave it there though. He goes on to say there is always forgiveness for confessed sin. The idea of an advocate is introduced as a reminder that no matter what we’ve done, there is hope and forgiveness.

The word ‘advocate’ is similar to a defense attorney pleading our case before a judge. We will all stand before a holy God with our charges…and they are many. On our own, we have no chance of pardon. But if we’ve placed our faith in Jesus, we have a perfect advocate who not only pleads for justice, but who has already paid the penalty we deserve.

This is the gospel. Jesus lived the life we were supposed to live, took on the death we were supposed to receive, and now gives us a way to have right standing before God. He has already paid the penalty of death. Because of that, He calls for our justice. The Judge agrees. Charges are dismissed. We are free. Eternal life is ours.

Have you fully grasped what it means that you have an advocate in Jesus? If you’d like to talk with someone about what it means to follow Him, let us know at
Are there any choices you’ve made that still have a chokehold on you, keeping you from living in the forgiveness Jesus offers? What would it look like to let them go, accepting the pardon He sacrificed for you to receive?
Is there someone in your life who needs to be reminded they’re forgiven? How can you share the good news with them?

Pray through these questions, and write down what God is prompting you to do next. Share with a friend, and take a step to apply it.

Love and War