God Created: Sun, Moon, and Stars

Series: Jesus Is | Week 5: Jesus Is The Hope of New Life

Read Genesis 1:14-19

1. According to these verses, what three purposes did God have for the lights He created on day four?
2. What three forms of light did He create?
3. How do they further set the stage for the creation of mankind?

The universe and everything in it—sun, moon, stars, planets—is one of the most incomprehensible elements of God’s creation. The human mind can barely scratch the surface of understanding the depth and breadth of it. Yet God, in His faithfulness, established lights to serve as markers. To provide order and structure and to mark seasons, days, and years. God is not random in His ways. He not only speaks to us through His creation; He invites us to worship Him as we reflect on and interact with what He’s made.

When is the last time you got out in nature and appreciated what God created? When have you enjoyed the light of the sun or looked at the vastness of the moon and stars on a clear night? Take some time today to worship God for what He created. Thank Him for His faithfulness to bring sunrise and sunset each day, and commit to spending your waking hours for His glory.

Jesus Is