God Created: Creatures in Sea, Sky, and Land

Series: Jesus Is | Week 5: Jesus Is The Hope of New Life

Read Genesis 1:20-25

1. How many different types of creatures are mentioned in these verses? What are they?
2. What specific characteristics or activities are mentioned to describe the creatures that God created?
3. What does God do in verse 22, and what does He tell the creatures to do? (See also verses 21 and 24 for a reference to what He creates them to do.)

The next step of God’s creation was filling the sea, sky, and land with creatures. This is another phase where we see the depths of His creativity, intentionality, and care. He created each living thing to survive and thrive in its own unique habitat. From the minnow to the whale, from the gnat to the ostrich, from the caterpillar to the elephant—each was created to live, thrive, and reproduce where God placed it.

The same is true for us. God doesn’t make mistakes. He created you with intentionality and care, and you’ve been placed where you are for a purpose. Take some time now to thank God for His creativity. Write down unique things that He has wired into you—personality traits, strengths, and spiritual gifts*—and ask Him to help you live and thrive in your unique place and position in this world.

*For help in discovering your spiritual gifts, try this Spiritual Gift Assessment.

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