God and the Nations (Look Up)

Series: The Gospel of Luke: Strengthened in Spirit | Week 4: Straight From the Heart

Read Isaiah 40:12-17

1. What point is the prophet Isaiah making with his eight rhetorical questions in verses 12-14?
2. What imagery does Isaiah use to describe the nations of the world in comparison to God in verses 15-17? Picture each in your mind.
3. Does verse 17 mean that God doesn’t care about the nations?

Take a few minutes now to look up and reorient your perspective to the sovereignty and greatness of our God displayed in these verses. Pray that God would remind you of the place of our nation and our government in light of His power and strength. You may have concerns about where our nation is headed and that’s okay. Take them all to Jesus, remembering He is our Savior, not the government.

For Further Reading: Truth about God

For Families with Kids at Home
Take time to talk with your kids today about the greatness of God who rules over all the nations. If you sense any anxiety about the outcome of the election today, remind them that God reigns over politics and government, and that we can put our trust in Him.

The Gospel of Luke: Strengthened in Spirit