God and Rulers (Look Up)

Series: The Gospel of Luke: Strengthened in Spirit | Week 4: Straight From the Heart

Read Isaiah 40:18-24

1. What is Isaiah struggling with in verses 18-20?
2. What imagery does Isaiah use to describe God in relation to the earth and its inhabitants in verses 22-24? Picture verse 22 in your mind.
3. What does Isaiah say specifically about God in relation to princes and rulers of this world? (See also this Proverb.)

Today you may be experiencing disappointment, fear, confusion, or anger over the results of the election. Maybe you’re happy with the results, but you’ve realized that you’re putting a leader on a higher throne in your mind than he or she should be. Spend some time with God being honest about how you’re feeling. Look up and ask Him how He would have you respond today in word and action. Pray that He would fill you with a heart of supernatural love, compassion, and trust.

For Further Reading: Let the words of this Psalm be your peace and your prayer today

For Families with Kids at Home
Talk with your family about the character of God. No political leader will ever reflect the image of God. Pray together as a family that God would fill your hearts with peace, love and compassion.

The Gospel of Luke: Strengthened in Spirit