Generosity flows.

Series: modgniK | Week 4: Generosity Flows

2 Corinthians 9:8, 10-11
And God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others. For God is the one who provides seed for the farmer and then bread to eat. In the same way, he will provide and increase your resources and then produce a great harvest of generosity in you.
Yes, you will be enriched in every way so that you can always be generous.
God is a giver! He gave us life, our personalities, gifts, and abilities. Most of all, He gave us His Son. He continues to give us grace when we don’t deserve it. Generosity is at the very heart of God. His kingdom is a place where generosity flows, and as a response, He wants it to flow in and through us as well. God promises to provide all we need so that we can be generous. He promises to provide all we need so that we will have our needs met AND have plenty left over to share with others.

As a child of God’s kingdom, is your life marked by generosity? Does it flow in and through you as God intended? How can your generosity impact our vision lanes—vulnerable children, churches in our city, new churches, and leadership development? We will move at the speed of your generosity.