Feed my sheep.

Series: The Gospel of Luke: Settled in Spirit | Week 4: It's What We Do

Read John 21:1-17

1. This story happens after Jesus has been crucified and resurrected. What similarities do you see between this instance and Simon Peter’s first encounter fishing with Jesus?
2. How has the relationship between Jesus and Simon Peter developed over the few years between these stories?
3. What command does Jesus give to Simon Peter three times? Why repeat it?

1. The resurrected Jesus found it important enough to give Simon Peter the same command three times: “feed my sheep.” How might Jesus be asking you to feed His sheep? Spend a few minutes with Him now asking Him what that looks like for you.
2. The only way Simon Peter would be able to carry out this command is out of a heart of love for His Savior. As you continue to spend time in prayer, reading your Bible and attending church, ask God that those things would only help you love Him more. Ask for the strength to obey out of a heart of love.

For Families with Kids at Home
As parents/guardians to kids, you are called to lead and feed your children spiritually. Today, commit to feeding your kids spiritually every day and push through the times when it is difficult or when you feel lost in the midst of it. Jesus will fill in the gaps and will give you strength to lead your kids.

The Gospel of Luke: Settled in Spirit