An isolated place.

Series: The Gospel of Luke: Settled in Spirit | Week 3: I Didn't Ask for This

Read Luke 4:42-44

1. Jesus has had a full and busy day. What does He do the very next day? What time? 
2. What do the searching crowds want Jesus to do when they finally find Him? 
3. Instead of staying and healing more people, what does Jesus say He must do? How do you think His time of prayer directed this decision? 

1. How intentional are you about carving out time and space to be with Jesus? Reading Daily Bible Readings is a great start. Consider getting a journal to write down answers, thoughts or prayers you have as you read them! 
2. Finding an isolated place to meet with God doesn’t mean isolating yourself from others. If you haven’t already, consider joining a group at Traders Point so that you can be connected in life-giving relationship with others on the same journey.   

For Further Reading: Make a Habit of Spending Time with God

For Families with Kids at Home
Today, talk to your kids about their spiritual life and where they are at in following Jesus. Think of some ways that you can lead them spiritually.    

The Gospel of Luke: Settled in Spirit