View Work as Ministry

Series: The Cumulative Effect | Week 3: Purposeful Work

Read Genesis 2:4-8, 15 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.

1. How was life sustained before man was created?
2. Where did God place the man?
3. What did God tell the man to do there?

God created the heavens and the earth, but there wasn’t anyone to take care of what He made. So God created humans and gave them responsibility to cultivate, to partner with Him and bring order out of chaos, all so society could flourish the way He wanted.

All of us have been called to cultivate. To steward whatever environment we’ve been placed in. To bring chaos into order and help humanity flourish, whether at a construction site, cubicle, classroom, or kitchen table. God created us to intimately know Him and partner with Him. This means that no matter our field of work, we’re all called to full-time ministry – to follow Jesus’ example and serve others wherever we are.

Working outside the walls of the church doesn’t mean we work outside the kingdom of God. We take ministry with us wherever we go! We have to ask ourselves, “Do I see my daily work as God’s assignment to serve others, build relationships, and help people without expecting anything in return?” Let’s look for opportunities to serve at our jobs, in full-time devotion to our Creator.

What small daily choices can you make to approach your work as ministry? Write down at least two practical things you can do today, and follow through on one of them.

The Cumulative Effect