View Work as a Gift

Series: The Cumulative Effect | Week 3: Purposeful Work

Read Genesis 1:28 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.

1. What did God first do after creating human beings?
2. What did He tell them to do?
3. What purpose would this serve?

After God gave man and woman identity, He gave them purpose, telling them to fill the earth, govern it, and reign. Right before this command, however, God blessed them first. Whenever we see God blessing in Scripture, it’s a generous gift from the Creator to generate life and well-being. This blessing that God gave all humans is work.

Seeing it this way requires a shift in thinking. So often we relegate work to being a grind, something we tolerate just to pay the bills. But that’s not the way God designed it. Yes, it can be mundane and hard, but at the end of the day, work is a gift, and we need to treat it as such.

This means doing our work to the best of our ability. It means doing it with pride, passion, excellence, and quality. It means partnering with God and representing Him. Oftentimes before we can tell our coworkers about Jesus, we have an opportunity to show Him through our actions. We get to do something that brings God delight and joy. Let’s view work as a gift, not just a grind to get through.

What small daily choices can you make to approach your work as a gift? Write down at least two practical things you can do today, and follow through on one of them.

The Cumulative Effect