Trust Is Faithful

Series: Adventures In Dating And Marriage | Week 3: The Hope Of Intimacy

Read Hebrews 12:14-15 + Deuteronomy 29:16-19 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.


1. What does the passage in Hebrews warn against?

2. How does that compare to Moses’ warning in Deuteronomy?

3. What should the response be to these warnings?


These verses in Hebrews and Deuteronomy use similar language in their warnings: the root of bitterness. Moses used these words when he renewed the covenant with the Israelites, right before they entered the Promised Land, reminding them not to turn to idolatry. He knew that God’s people could not stay united and holy if even one person turned away from Him.

The author of Hebrews quotes this passage and applies it to our relationships. For them to stay healthy and God-honoring, both members must remain holy and committed to God in their own hearts. Rather than be distracted by jealousy, bitterness, greed, or anger, we should be focused the good things of God and on helping our fellow believers keep their eyes on Him. Instead, cut down the root of bitterness by abiding (actively remaining in) the true vine who is Jesus.

In a relationship where both of you are prioritizing God’s will rather than your desires, you’ll find more unity and harmony together. Don’t let a root of bitterness grow between you; draw closer to God and let Him transform you more into His image.


Have you ever let bitterness take root in you before, and what was the outcome? What does it look like to draw closer to God, and how can you take a step to apply that this week?

Adventures In Dating And Marriage