Trust Can Be Misplaced

Series: Adventures In Dating And Marriage | Week 3: The Hope Of Intimacy

Read Judges 16:4-21 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.


1. What bribe did Delilah accept?

2. How many times did she ask Samson for his weakness?

3. Why did he trust her?


God appointed Samson to be a judge over Israel, one of twelve military leaders God used to remind His people of His covenant faithfulness amidst their sin. Samson’s parents were obedient to the Lord and dedicated him as a Nazirite, which was a special vow a person could make. As a Nazirite, Samson was never supposed to cut his hair.

Rather than trusting God, Samson trusted Delilah – who was from Israel’s enemies, the Philistines. He pursued her before he knew her well, and even after she attempted to capture him three times, he still trusted her with the secret of his strength. While trust is the most important ingredient for intimacy in a relationship, trust without knowledge is dangerous; we don’t have to build it overnight.

The rest of this week, you’ll read about how trust impacts marriages. Even if you’re not married, lean in and listen for what God might want to teach you. For example, if you’re beginning a relationship with someone, allow their actions over time to paint a more complete picture of who they are, rather than a first impression or flattering words.


Think back to when you first put your faith in God. How much did you know about Him then? As your knowledge of His character has grown, what has that done for your trust in Him?

Adventures In Dating And Marriage