The heart of the matter.

Series: The Gospel of Luke: Settled in Spirit | Week 7: A Rhythm of Rest

Read Luke 6:6-11

1. What does Jesus do this time to upset the Pharisees?
2. What evidence do you see of where the Pharisees’ hearts are?
3. Despite knowing how the Pharisees will react, what does Jesus still do? Why?

1. Jesus gives the Pharisees chance after chance to admit their spiritual blindness and need for a Savior, to be moved to compassion, to see Him for who He really is, and when they don’t, it breaks His heart. Thank God now for His patience and His compassion. Thank Him for the truth of 2 Peter 3:9!
2. Like the Pharisees, is there a battle you may be choosing to fight right now but God is asking you to take a step back and not miss the big picture? Jesus gave two commands: to love God with everything you have and to love your neighbor as yourself. Ask Him to help you filter everything you do and say through those two lenses.

For Further Reading: Note Mark and Matthew’s telling of this same story

For Parents with Kids at Home 
As you reflect on the Lord’s patience and compassion with you, ask God today for the same grace and compassion for your kids. Ask Him to help you remember that your kids are your neighbor, and that we are to love our kids as Jesus does. 

The Gospel of Luke: Settled in Spirit