Taking responsibility for someone.

Series: Resilient | Week 5: Put It All on the Line

Genesis 43:8-9
“Judah said to his father, 'Send the boy with me, and we will be on our way. Otherwise we will all die of starvation—and not only we, but you and our little ones. I personally guarantee his safety. You may hold me responsible if I don’t bring him back to you. Then let me bear the blame forever.'”

A couple of years into the seven-year famine, Jacob and his family are out of food again and must return to Egypt to buy more. Joseph, however, has told the brothers not to return unless they have their youngest brother, Benjamin, with them. Because Jacob is distraught at the possibility of losing Benjamin, Judah issues a personal guarantee to their father for Benjamin’s safety. 

Respond in Prayer
Spend some time with God right now, thinking about who you can ‘be responsible’ for today. Do you live a life of service to others or live expecting to be served? A life of following Jesus is marked by looking not only to your own interests but also to the interest of others. Ask God to give you eyes that see out, and for the ability to love your neighbor as yourself, just as Judah did for Benjamin. 

For Families with Kids at Home
How can you model caring for others and living a life of service for others for your kids today? Together, find someone you can serve as a family today. Send a note, drop off a meal or dessert, send an encouraging video, or have them share a kind word with a family member.