Series: Asleep | Week 3: Run from Complacency

Read Revelation 3:17-18 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.


  1. What did the believers think about themselves?
  2. How did Jesus correct them?
  3. What was His advice?


Laodicea was a rich city, so much so that when they experienced a damaging earthquake, they refused help from Rome. They rebuilt the city with their own resources, and the church seemed to take the same attitude towards God: they would do it on their own. However, Jesus’ words corrected their false assumption. He offered things they didn’t have, couldn’t make, and couldn’t earn.

Our world today values self-sufficiency, independence, and control. We try to replace our need for God with a desire for more money or power, thinking they’ll be enough to satisfy and protect us. What Jesus offers is something we have no way of buying or deserving. Through His death and resurrection, He offers forgiveness of our sins.

No matter what you turn to, only God will be able to provide what you truly need. He doesn’t ask you to rely on yourself. He asks you to admit your need for Him. You don’t have what He’s offering, and that’s a good thing. He invites you to lay down your material riches and receive Him, because He is sufficient for you.


  • Is it easy or difficult for you to rely on others for help? What about relying on God for help? Which one do you turn to the most, and why?
  • Is there an area of your life where you’ve grown complacent or comfortable with what you have? How can you bring that area to God and acknowledge your need for Him?
  • Do you ever find yourself trying to earn anything from God? How does today’s reading remind you of His complete sufficiency?

Pray through these questions, and write down what God is prompting you to do next. Share with a friend, and take a step to apply it.