Peace in Solitude

Series: What the World Needs Now | Week 3: Peace + Patience

Read Mark 6:30-44

1. Why did Jesus encourage the disciples to go off by themselves for a while?
2. What prompted Jesus to rejoin the crowd?
3. What did He and the disciples do afterward?

Have you ever gotten so busy that you neglected self-care? That’s what happened to the disciples. After a busy ministry tour, they didn’t have a chance to eat while people interrupted their conversation with Jesus. He could have told them to pay attention to the people. Instead, He urged them to step away and rest.

After that brief time alone, they participated in one of the most well-known miracles that Jesus performed. Solitude was the break they needed to continue following Him well.

Do you find yourself pouring out for other people at the expense of your own well-being? Is there a habit you need to change in order to experience solitude, such as unplugging from technology for an amount of time or designating a spot where you know you can be alone? Spend some time in quiet now, thanking God for the gift of rest. Ask Him to fill you with peace as you step away and for renewed energy to serve others when you come back.

Want to go deeper? As you spend time with God, meditate on these verses in Psalm 63 and make them your own prayer.

What the World Needs Now