Peace in Anxiety and Fear

Series: Easter with Traders Point | Week 1: Right Where You Are

Read Matthew 14:22-33 + John 14:27 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.

1. In Matthew 14, what elements made the disciples and Peter afraid?
2. How did Jesus reassure them, and how did He tie it to belief?
3. Where do you see the truth of Jesus’ words in John 14:27 reflected in the Matthew account?

In nearly every interaction He had on earth, Jesus invited people to believe in Him, including His disciples when they faced an overwhelming storm. While the disciples focused on the wind and waves, Jesus reminded them that He was with them and He was God.

Peter took it a step further, displaying instant belief and walking on top of the lake. But then he doubted when he looked around at the waves that threatened to swallow him. Jesus reminded him that only when he and the other disciples chose to believe, taking their eyes off the waves and fixing them on Jesus, would they experience peace in their anxiety and fear.

We will all face storms in this life. But what we focus on and choose to believe in sets our course. Fear doesn’t just rob us of life, it ushers us right into death. Only when we lift our eyes above the waves and remember that Jesus is always with us and He is God will we experience peace. It’s a peace the world can’t give. It’s only available through Jesus.

Pray through the following questions, and ask God to show you a next step He’s asking you to take in response. If you have a notebook or journal, write down what comes to mind and what your response will be.

• What is your default when you go through a “storm” or difficult time? Do you tend to focus on the circumstances, allowing them to become bigger than life in your mind? Or do you fix your eyes on Jesus?
• Where do you especially need His peace in your life right now? What steps could you take to invite it in?

Easter with Traders Point