Hope for the Future

Series: Easter with Traders Point | Week 1: Right Where You Are

Read John 11:17-27 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.

1. Who did Jesus go to Bethany to console, and why?
2. Reread all of Martha’s words to Jesus. Where is her belief evident?
3. How did Jesus describe Himself in verse 25, and how did He go on to explain what it means for us?

Two sisters mourned the loss of their brother, whom Jesus would later bring back to life. Before He did so, He reminded one of the sisters, Martha, of the hope she had beyond the grave. Because she had accepted His invitation to believe, she could be certain that while her physical life would one day end, she had eternal life waiting for her on the other side.

Just like Martha, we have no control over what might happen in our future. Life is fragile, and we can get so wrapped up in it that we give little thought to what truly brings life. What good is it to live just for the temporary and overlook the eternal?

The message of Easter is that there is hope beyond today. Because Jesus walked out of a grave, we have the power and hope to walk out of whatever figurative grave we’re in right now…and eventually our literal one! Just like Martha made a declaration of her faith, we can do the same, knowing that believing in Jesus gives us the hope we need for whatever future we face.

Pray through the following questions, and ask God to show you a next step He’s asking you to take in response. If you have a notebook or journal, write down what comes to mind and what your response will be.

• What is your typical outlook on the future? How does today’s reading shift that outlook?
• In what areas of your life do you tend to hold onto control, in hopes of charting the course for your future? Do you tend to live so much for the temporary that you overlook the eternal?
• What step could you take to be reminded regularly of the hope you have through your belief in Jesus?

Easter with Traders Point