Our Sins Have Been Forgiven

Series: Easter With Traders Point | Week 6: Seeing Is Believing

Read John 20:19-23 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.


1. Why were the disciples afraid?

2. What did Jesus repeat to His disciples?

3. Who did He promise to send?


Today’s Easter Sundays bring celebrations, gatherings, and worship, but the first time the disciples celebrated Jesus’ resurrection, it was behind locked doors. They feared for their lives. If the religious leaders had killed Jesus, the disciples thought they'd be next. But when Jesus entered the room, He first proclaimed peace.

The peace that Jesus brings to everyone who believes in Him is much more than the absence of trouble – it's the peace of our right standing with God. Jesus’ death and resurrection paid the penalty we deserved for our sin. After He showed His wounded hands to His disciples, He commissioned them to tell everyone that we’ve been forgiven. Today He sends us out to continue spreading this Good News.

When you share the love of Jesus with others, whether it’s through your testimony or your actions, you’re sharing the peace, freedom, and hope that comes when others understand their sins have been forgiven. And you’re not alone when you tell others about Jesus. When you put your faith in Him, He sends the Holy Spirit to live in you, to help you as He helped the disciples.


What was it like for you when you first understood the Gospel, or the Good News? How did you react to knowing your sins were forgiven? Spend some time in prayer thanking God for sending His Son and asking Him how He wants to send you. Who around you doesn’t know the Good News yet?

Easter With Traders Point